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John Venner

Head of Inspiration & Co-founder

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Why Whatbands?

After searching for hours to find a band to play at a party, I eventually gave up as they were either too far away, wrong sort of music or already booked for the date I wanted. Whatbands takes all that hassle away.

Favourite band

Favourite national band Thunder. Local band Robbie Gladwell band.

Last time music gave me goosebumps

Seeing my guitar coach Robbie Gladwell of Steve Harley, Cockney Rebel play live anytime. Amazing how good a musician and entertainer he is!

Stuart Passey

Head of Development & Co-founder

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Why Whatbands?

Because I live, eat and breath music. The idea of making a tool that dramatically changes the way we experience new or familiar bands and music was a journey I wasn’t going to let pass lightly.

Favourite band

This is a really difficult question for me because I like so many different genres of music from Rock, Rap to jazz and classical. If my ears like the sound of it then it goes in the playlist (Currently at sitting at 1473 songs *Gasps*) My favourite band at this moment in time is You, Me at Six and Tears for Fears.

Last time music gave me goosebumps

Last week at a festival seeing You, Me at Six and Pendulum. What an amazing evening. Music is my life, I listen to it every day without fail. But live music is just so much more of an experience. You feel the music on so many more levels. I’d live at a festival if I could :)

Floor Slagter


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Why Whatbands?

I love all sorts of music; happy songs in the car, techno or disco on an awesome party and dance the night away with friends, and sometimes sad songs when I am dwelling on a lost love or difficulties in life.
Within Whatbands I am responsible for project management and expanding the platform. By doing that I am using my business background to make WhatBands a success.

Favourite music

All sorts, from Ed Sheeran to Armin van Buuren

Last time music gave me goosebumps

This summer in France while having dinner at a village party with my loved one, while the village’s local band was playing a French song

Daniel Thompson Wallace

Sales, marketing & social media

Why Whatbands?

Whatbands is an amazing way to combine up and coming bands to a large group of music lovers, which I believe is brilliant. I love to see a range of highly talented musicians getting the chance to express their music and have the experience of performing on stage. This will help a lot of musicians to move forwards and gain confidence, Whatbands will allow people to be able to contact musicians easily and arrange events. I am excited about Whatbands achieving it’s potential and growing the Whatbands team. I hope you enjoy the Whatbands website and everything it provides.

Favourite band/genre:

Hip hop is my favourite genre

Last time music gave me goosebumps: 

Clean Bandit symphony ft Zara Larsson really touched me when one of my closes friends died. It made me think about love ones around me and that life is short so cherish each day. Strong meaning behind this song I love it.

Boots Britton

Customer happiness

Why Whatbands?
Anything that can help Musicians and Bands do more shows is something I want to be involved in.

Favourite band: 

Pryde, a rapper who I’ve listened to for years and I’ve watched grow as a person

Last time music gave me goosebumps:

When I saw Aj Tracey live it was such an intense energy that everyone should feel in their lifetime

Tabitha Debenham

Customer Happiness

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Why Whatbands?

Being a wedding solo singer and singer with several bands, I know how important it is to get the message out there. Whatbands is the place.

Favourite band

I like all genres and have a very wide taste in music and difficult to narrow it down to one band.

Last time music gave me goosebumps

Every time I sing at a wedding to the happy couple.