About WhatBands!


We simply love bands.  And music. Some of us play in bands ourselves. We believe that making and listening to music gives energy and joy to the world. With WhatBands we want to provide a platform on which you as a band, musician or entertainer can introduce yourself and where you can be found by people looking for some music and fun in their lives!



WhatBands is easy to use for bands and easy to use for people looking for bands. Our platform is as user-friendly as possible so that you can present yourself in a professional and artistic way, while focusing on your passion: making music.



WhatBands enables you as a band to present yourself to the world. It is a place where you can let the audience see who you are, what your music is like.  It gives you a commercial outlet, which we share with our network of musicians, venues and people looking for bands. So that you can do more of the thing you like: make music!


WhatBands also gives you the possibility to keep track of your performances.  In our online calendar you can plan all your bookings and note the details of your bookings, so you have everything in one place.


As a person looking for some music, you can easily browse through the bands, musicians, entertainers and contact any that interests you.