How WhatBands works

Welcome! We’re delighted you’re here. WhatBands is a website created for bands, musicians and entertainers and also everyone that’s looking for the entertainer to book for their own event.


Looking for great live music?
You can find artists in all types of categories. Whether you’re looking for bands that play certain genres or themes, you can search on your own criteria. Bands and musicians that play within all your special needs are shown in the search result. Check out their bandpage, listen to some tunes or browse some video or pictures. Like what you see? You can see in their calendar if they’re available on the date you would like to book them. There you can also see if you can also see any public events where the band is booked in the near future so you could check them out yourselves.

We’ve made it easy for everyone to book and be booked. Want to book that awesome band you found? Select the date you’d like to schedule them for and fill in your contact details. The band will receive your reservation and get back to you to answer any possible questions – or – confirm a booking!


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Want to book a venue?
Apart from bands, we are also working on bringing you venues – watch this space.


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Do you know a band and you think WhatBands might give them the boost they deserve?
Click the link below and fill in their name and email address. We’ll send them an email saying how totally awesome you are, what this platform could do for them and how our life is incomplete without them here… Seriously. It is.


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In case you’re in a band member or own a venue; the answer is Yes.
Yes, you should be offering your services here. So why aren’t you yet? When you’re ready to join us, just click the ‘Join WhatBands‘ button on the top right of the window and sign up in a few simple steps.


Payment and pricing information

When you join WhatBands you can set up your account for free. Get started on filling in your details. When you’re ready (or about as ready as you’ll ever be), save your information to the platform so your band will show on the website. Your first month here is on us. Get a feel of the platform and start telling people you’re on WhatBands and start enjoying the perks of being here.

During that month, you’ll experience a moment when you realise that WhatBands is exactly whats been missing from your lives. Make sure to prolong your account immediately. We charge a monthly or yearly fee to ensure we can keep developing our platform. You can choose between a few different payment plans.

Subscription levels

Free 1-Month Trial across all subscription: Get to know WhatBands for free
In this month you’ll be able to browse the website, see what you can do and get familiar with the effect of having a website to send possible clients. When your trial is about to expire you’ll receive emails reminding you to prolong your account. Don’t worry, you’re account won’t be deleted, just closed for visitors. When you’re ready to prolong, the account will be reopened.
£12 Monthly – Includes 500 free personal business cards
We’re in this together. That’s why we came up with an idea to boost both our presentations. When you sign up for the monthly payment plan*, you’ll get you’re own personalised business cards. They’ll contain your personal contact details, the website link to your band page and the WhatBands logo. Two birds, one stone.
*Annulments one month in advance, after the first 12 months.
£120 Yearly – Includes 500 free personal business cards

If you choose the yearly payment plan, you’ll pay £120 in advance the first year AND receive your own personalised 500 business cards.



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