Robbie Gladwell – Come up a see me, make me smile

Robbie Gladwell

We are always pleased to have bands, musicians and entertainers join us on WhatBands and exceptionally pleased that Robbie Gladwell has joined us.
I was fortunate to go to his studio with lots of guitars and memorabillia on show from his time in the entertainment industry.
Backstage passes to gigs and festivals, posters featuring him and household name artists are part of the aura that surrounds the place.
A guitar made for Jaguar was immaculate and only one of a few made for the car giant.
Also a guitar made for Hank Marvin in resplendant red as you would expect for him.
Lots of other guitars in various stages of being repaired or rebuilt are also something to behold.
Coupled with a welcome cup of tea (very rock and roll) and a few stories of his travels recently to China, America and Europe made a very enjoyable time setting up his page on the site.
Robbie is obviously very well known for playing with Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel but has his own band, with amazing musicians, that play local gigs and gives lessons when he is not touring.
He also puts on shows for charity which are billed as “Robbie Gladwell and Friends” which are very enjoyable evenings!
WhatBands welcomes Robbie to the WhatBands family and we look forward to seeing your page when you have time to finish it.